Wireless Inductive Charging
Wireless Inductive Charging
Wireless Bluetooth® Audio
Wireless Bluetooth® Audio
Weather Resistant
Weather Resistant


  • Requires a Qi-compatible device or Qi device case
  • Bluetooth v2.1 with AAC and support for A2DP
  • IPX3 certified weatherized design
  • USB charging only port (1 amp)
  • 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input
  • AC adapter

Wireless Charging Speaker

Model #:Q35

Signature Sound, Set Free

The TDK Life on Record Wireless Charging Speaker brings high fidelity into the modern wireless world.

Taking the cords out of the equation, the TDK Life on Record Wireless Charging Speaker delivers a new sonic experience that is truly unfettered. Designed with inductive charging capabilities, the speaker allows you to simply place you Qi compatible device on the speaker system for a wireless charge. With its built-in Bluetooth® v2.1 technology with AAC, this speaker system also provides high quality near lossless audio streaming without a wired connection, freeing your device to be used when and how you want, not tied down and plugged in. Featuring a compact and portable design, the Wireless Charging Speaker is as visually compelling as it is sonically impressive, with four full-range speakers and a subwoofer built to fill any space with 360 degrees of TDK Signature Sound.


  • Conveniently charge your Qi-compatible music device without wires by placing it on the built-in Qi inductive charging pad
  • Bluetooth v2.1 with AAC delivers high quality, near lossless wireless audio steraming for superior sound
  • Configured with omnidirectional, room-filling TDK Signature Sound produced by 4 full range left and right speakers and a ported subwoofer
  • Customize your sound experience using built-in treble and base controls
  • Rechargeable battery provides up to 6hours of portable audio
  • Weatherized design protects against spraying water