NC150 Noise Canceling Headphone

Active Noise Cancelling Foldable headphones

Less Noise, More of your Music

TDK Life of Record Noise Cancelling Headphones NC-150's reduce unwanted ambient sound to give you a better & more relaxed listening experience. Essentially, active noise reduction works by using a microphone on the outside of the headphone to pick up external ambient noise.  This is then sent to a digital processor which generates an antiphase wave with the opposite polarity of the sound wave coming through the microphone.  As a result, the external ambient noise is reduced within the enclosed listening space.

The NC-150's deliver effective noise reduction in such environments as aircrafts, trains, cars, buses and other public places where excessive ambient noise is present.  The active noise cancelling feature works with or without music playing through the headphones.

The foldable NC-150's feature a padded headband design and over-the-ear drivers for absolute comfort.  A full-range frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz provides deep bass, clear mids and sparkling highs.  The included aeroplane adaptor enables connection to aircraft entertainmnet systems.


  • Powerful active noise cancelling technology
  • Ideal for travel on aircraft, trains or buses
  • Airplan adaptor included
  • Soft earpads and swivel ear cups
  • Bonus carrying pouch for storage and protection
  • Plug Type : 3.5mm gold-plated
  • Driver Diameter : 40mm
  • Frequency response : 20-20,000 Hz
  • Impedance : 32 ohms
  • Active Noise Reduction : 12dB @ 300Hz
  • Sensitivity : 96 dB
  • Cord Length : 1.2m with in-line volume control