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    We design our products to bring quality, experience and comfort to your life.

    In support of our products we provide a limited warranty which gives you specific rights. Our warranty may vary depending on the product. Our warranty does not affect any other rights that you may have which may vary from country to country.

    Please click on the table below to view the terms of our warranty for the product you have purchased. In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with our products your first point of contact is the retailer/shop from whom you purchased our product. In case they are not able to assist you, please contact our Technical Support team for further assistance and advice.

    In the event that a product has to be returned under our warranty, please contact our Technical Support team who will provide you with an Incident Number or Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and information regarding further steps.  

    General warranty information:

    Consumer electronics Audio systems
    iPod audio systems
    Limited 2 years
    Consumer electronics accessories In-ear headphones
    On-ear headphones
    Wireless headphones
    High fidelity headphones
    Limited 2 years
    Optical drives Blu-Ray writer Limited 2 years
    Flash drives USB drives Limited 2 years
    Flash cards SD&SDHC cards
    Micro SD &SDHC cards
    Limited 2 years
    Tape storage media Audio tape
    VHS tape
    Camcorder tape
    Limited Lifetime
    Optical storage media CD
    Limited Lifetime