High speed rewritable CD-RW

TDK Life on Record High Speed CD-RW rewritable recording media can be recorded at speeds up to 12x, depending on the specifications of your CD recording device. In contrast, standard CD-RW media is three times slower, maxing out at 4x recording speed. With 80 minutes/700MB capacity, these high performance discs can be played in most CD or DVD/CD players. A TDK High Speed CD-RW can be recorded and re-recorded with new data hundreds of times in approximately 7 minutes, whereas it would take approximately 20 minutes to record a standard CD-RW.


  • Rewritable CD for all high speed CD-RW recorders.
  • Compatible with recording speeds from 4x to 12x.
  • Phase change recording layer guarantees >1000 overwrite cycles.
  • Available as: 5pack, 10pack Slim Jewel Cases and 10 pack Fat Jewel Cases.