Secure BD-R

Secure Blu-ray BD-R

TDK Life on Record SecureTM Blu-rayTM media is pre-loaded with EncryptDiscTM Lite software allowing users to store and password protect confidential files, documents or information. This easy to use software requires no installation for a trouble-free method of protecting your data. Blu-ray media provides up to 5 times the digital content storage capacity of a standard DVD, perfect for large, data-intense files. Whether the disc is lost or stolen, the data is safe from unwanted users, making it ideal for:

• Saving personal or business financial and tax data

• Shipping sensitive data to friends, families or business partners


  • Forced AES 256-bit Encryption
         • Data is protected from unauthorized users at all times

    Pre-installed burning software
         • No required burning software hosted on the computer (plug and play or plug and burn in this case)

    Multi-session disc
        • Erase or add information to disc
    *Note: data storage space will not be recovered after erasing

    Blu-ray = 24.9GB of data storage
         • Massive storage space for users to save personal or business financial and/or tax information (5 times the storage space of a standard DVD)