Elevate the personal listening experience

The TDK Life on Record In-Ear Headphones with iPod/iPhone Control elevate the personal listening experience delivering the ultimate in comfort and control, superior craftsmanship and high fidelity. 

The TDK EB950 headphones are sonically optimized with an innovative, sound isolating design ensuring a superior acoustic experience for any genre, at any volume. With high-performance drivers tuned by our Audio Research Lab, they deliver pristine vocals and rich bass. These in-ear headphones also have inline iPod/iPhone controls, allowing listeners to seamlessly transition from music to calls and back. With inline microphone and call controls, as well as track and volume control, the EB950s keep every necessary action close at hand. A unique, ergonomic design with multiple ear tip options help eliminate fatigue while the coated cable minimizes cable “rub” noise and annoying cable tangles. The sleek look and high quality finishes give music enthusiasts a visually stunning audio accessory, without compromising either sound quality or comfort.

  • With multiple ear tip options including Comply™ foam and silicon, the EB950 allows you to find a perfect seal for your ears, reducing ambient noise and improving sound quality.
  • Mastered by our Audio Research Lab to produce the ideal response curve, the EB950s produce sound that is never overdriven or heavy handed. Instead, it’s authentic and mastered to provide bass, mid range and treble at optimal levels for any genre at any volume.
  • Designed to work with all of your favorite portable players, these in-ear headphones feature in-line controls for iPod/iPhone that bring you call and music control, including answer/drop, volume and track functions for seamless transitions. With an adapter for other non-Apple devices, such as laptops or other smartphones, the EB950’s enable universal listening functionality.