DVD Lens Cleaner

TDK Life on Record DVD Lens Cleaner, designed for the latest generation of home DVD recorders and players, helps maintain optimal hardware performance. Dust and everyday handling of DVDs can create buildup on the side of the discs where data is stored. This buildup can transfer from the discs to the recorder or player's optical laser lens causing data errors, skipping and other problems. The TDK DVD Lens Cleaner helps eliminate buildup, while maintaining optimal performance and maximizing your home entertainment investment.

The TDK DVD Lens Cleaner provides step-by-step interactive instructions with intuitive on-screen menus that walk you through the cleaning process. Simply insert the DVD Lens Cleaner disc into the device, select "Lens Cleaner" from the on-screen menu, and in 10 seconds the screen displays "Cleaning is Complete". The included speaker and color calibration modes make the TDK DVD Lens Cleaner a complete home theater maintenance solution.