ADS-03-iSlim (Discontinued)


Flat panel NXT Speaker System of iPod

TDK Life on Record's iSlim is an all-in-one iPod dock and speaker system.  Utilising NXT's flat panel speaker technology, the iSlim is sleek, light weight and can be mounted on your wall.

The iPod dock sits at the front for easy access, just below the blue back lit LCD screen, it is remote controlled and has an in-built alarm and sleep time, along with a snooze button.


  • Ultra slim, compact design featuring NXT Flat Panel speaker technology.
  • Dual alarm and snooze function which plays your iPod or favourite FM station when activated.
  • Blue back-lit LCD screen
  • Charges your iPod while connected.
  • FM radion with 20 presets; 5 preset euqliser settings - Flat, Roack, Pop, Classic and Jazz
  • Audio-in 3.5mm jack for connecting external sources including MP3 players.
  • Remote control


  • Item code  :  AK400400078   ADS-03 iSlim Black