SC (Sharp & Clear) Video Tape

High Quality Standard

As its name applies, it delivers Sharp (S) and Clear (C) colour images.  Thanks to the tough construction on its base film and magnetic layer, it features outstanding durability retaining beautiful images even after repeated everyday recording and playback.  SC is an easy-to-use tape that makes it easier than ever for anyone to enjoy highly satisfying results.


  • For regular use
  • Time shifting
  • Video library building
  • Repeated heavy use
  • Magnetic particle  : Avifine
  • Coercivity  : 58.1 (730) kA/m (Oe)
  • Remanence  : 135 (1350) mT (gauss)
  • Squareness ration :  0.82


  • Item code : YK230200212  E-240SC Video tape 240 min 4 pk