DAT-72 4mm Data Cartridge

The TDK Life on Record DAT-72 is a fifth-generation data cartridge that combines proven DDS technology with the latest advancements in data storage. TDK DAT-72 data cartridges deliver impressive 36GB native capacity (72GB compressed) and provide fast data transfer rates (3.5MB/s maximum native; 7MB/s maximum compressed). Speed, capacity, reliability and affordability make TDK DAT-72 media the ideal solution for mission-critical, high-volume data storage.


  • Due to high recording density, the magnetic layer of the DAT-72 must have uniform thickness. A dual layer tape coating structure comprises TDK DAT-72 media.
  • The non-magnetic base layer is precision-manufactured to enhance lubricity and provide a consistent foundation for the magnetic upper layer.
  • The base layer features highly dispersed, non-magnetic pigment in a uniform pattern.
  • The magnetic upper layer, which consists of an ultra-fine Super Finavinx magnetic material, is applied in a high-precision, thin coating. As a result of the magnetic layer's extremely uniform smoothness, the DAT-72 is able to record short wavelength data signals with high accuracy.
  • TDK DAT-72 is exceptionally reliable recording media, featuring stable, high output characteristics.