Double Layer DVD

Experience the brand that's sold on performance and reliability.

TDK Double Layer DVDs can hold 80% more than standard DVDs.  Each TDK DVD+R Double Layer disc stores up to 8.5GB of data files, or apporximately 4 hours of video recorded in SP mode.  This makes it possible to record a full-length feature on a single disc without using compression that could degade the video and sound quality, or to back up large data archives.  You can store up to 12 hours of footage n a single disc, or up to 3 hours in high-quality mode.

TDK Double Layer DVDs are write-compatible with DVD burners that support DVD+R Double Layer media.  Once burned, they can be played back on most DVD drives and players.



  • TDK Double Layer DVD media is engineered with precision-formulated, dual recording layers that smash capacity limitations, while providing the highest recording and playback compatibility, along with unsurpassed reliability. Ideal for recording lengthy features and backing up large data archives, TDK Double Layer DVD media gives you the same recording power the pros have. Unlock the full potential of home recording with TDK Double Layer DVD media.
  • 8 x 8.5GB
  • Hold 80% more than standard DVDs
  • Single recording facility on the same disc for multiple playing
  • Holds seven times the data of a standard CD-R.


  • Item Code : YK110101951  DVD+R Double Layer 5pk Jewel Case