DVD-R Spindles

TDK Life on Record 4.7GB DVD-R media offers the widest compatibility with most computer drives and home DVD players. Ideal for general purpose recording, a single TDK DVD-R has ample capacity for thousands of digital photos, up to six hours of video, and large data files. Each DVD-R disc can be fully recorded once.

As DVD recording speeds have increased, the importance of using name brand, quality media has become paramount. When a DVD-R is recorded at high speeds, the fast RPMs of the recording process require an advanced, ultra-sensitive recording material capable of compensating for the abbreviated exposure to the drive laser. Specially formulated with a rapid phase-change recording layer, TDK DVD-R media maximizes the data transfer rate while minimizing the potential for errors.



  • 16 x write speed
  • 4.7GB single sided disc
  • Available in 10, 25, 50 pack variety
  • Spindle for easy storage


  • Item code : YK110101761 - DVD-R 10pk Spindle Gold
  • Item code : YK110101779 - DVD-R 25pk Spindle Gold
  • Item code : AK110100042 - DVD-R 50pk Spindle Gold