DVM Tapes

Digital Video Cassette

DVM is the mini DV cassette designed for all mini digital video devices.  It's outstanding formulation, coupled with its high degree of durablity and reliability, make it the ideal choice for digital VCR's that comply with the SD format.  TDK Life on Record's DVM utilises a specially developed protective DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) tier above the evaporated magnetic layer to withstand the relatively high head-to-tape speeds employed in the mini DV system.

Such technology means that TDK Life on Record's DVM is highly suited to both indoor an outdoor applications.



  • Magnetic Particle  : Vacuum deposited pure cobalt
  • Designed for mini digital devices
  • 1,2 & 5 pack variety
  • High degree of durability and reliability
  • Coercivity : 120 (1510) kA/m (Oe)
  • Remanence : 450 (4500)
  • Squareness ratio : 0.8


  • Item Code : 75000028318 DVM-60ME 60 min 1pk
  • Item Code : AK230300001 DVM-60ME 60 min 2pk
  • Item Code : 75000028334 DVM-60ME 60 min 5pk