ST800 High Fidelity

Frequently Asked Questions

Warranty and Support

Q: What is the warranty on ST800 headphones?
A: Imation warrants this product against defects for one year from the date of original purchase. For further information or to obtain warranty service please go to

Q: How do I contact Imation Product Support?
A: Support is available 24/7 at Phone support is available Monday through Friday between 12pm and 9pm Eastern Standard Time at 1-800-285-2783


Q: Can I clean the TDK ST800 headphones without damaging the headphones?
A: Yes, your headphones will likely need periodic cleaning. Use a dry cloth and wipe gently.

Technical Information

Q: Which devices will work with the TDK ST800 headphones?
A: The TDK ST800 headphone is compatible with any device accepting a 3.5 mm or 6.3 mm stereo plug, by plugging the 3.5mm plug directly into the audio source or using the included 6.3mm adaptor.

Q: Are the TDK ST800 headphones active noise cancelling headphones?
A: No, the TDK ST800 headphones do not have active noise cancelling circuitry. They do provide noise isolation due to the design of the ear covers.

Q: Do the TDK ST800 headphones work with all digital music players?
A: Yes, they will work with any digital player that has a 3.5mm (1/8”) audio jack

Q: How many batteries are required and how long do they last?
A: Two AAA batteries are needed and included with the TDK ST800 headphones. When listening at average volumes, the batteries will last approximately 12 hours.

Q: Why do I hear some noise when I listen to music as I pick up a phone call? A: Some cell phones generate noise that can be picked up through the TDK ST800 headphones when the EQ Controller is powered on. This is only known to happen when the phone is actively trying to communicate with its network such as receiving a call or searching the internet. The noise heard will not damage the product, nor is it a sign of a defect. To eliminate this noise, first try turning up the volume on your audio source and turning down the TDK ST800 headphones If the noise is still a concern, the TDK ST800 headphones can be used as passive headphones with the EQ Controller in the off position. In this position, no noise will be heard.


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