Standard HDMI

TDK Life on Record cables deliver an exceptional high definition experience. Brilliant colors, rich sound and superior clarity ensure that whether you’re watching movies, sports or other high definition content you get the most impactful experience possible.

This level of performance is made possible by advanced manufacturing techniques and superior materials. 24k gold plated connectors use armor-lock technology, an automated precision cable termination process that results in stronger, more reliable connections. Solid, long grain copper conductors are
1.25% silver plated. This guarantees the data is delivered without compromise. Includes conductors for bi-directional Ethernet communications and to enable Audio Return Channel Options.


  • 24k gold plated connectors use armor-lock technology.
  • Silver-plated conductors ensure optimal signal transfer.
  • Solid, select-grade oxygen free long-grained copper ensures a more vibrant performance.
  • Multi-Shield dielectric insulation provides protection from any signal interference.